Payment Made

After you have sent payment to our Bitcoin Address, or other payment method We require you to do 3 simple things in one email! to us:

  • 1.) A Screen shot of your payment – See example 1
  • 2.) A Screen Shot of your Transaction ID (Hash ID) – See example 2
  • 3.) Paste or type the transaction ID into the email – See example 3
  • EMAIL US NOW & & are banned domains do not mail us from them.

We aim to process all memberships within 24 hours, if you have not heard from us in that time our email has ended up in your spam folder so check it.

Screen Shot Example 1.) The payment

Screen Shot Example 2.) The Transaction ID

We require a transaction ID (Hash ID)like the image example to trace your payment please ensure you include it when you email us!

Click Here for a video link on youtube of how to get the hash ID / Transaction ID if your struggling.

Example 3 – how the email to us should look when you send it.!

Your Email to anonsharer should be in this format including 2 screen shots, one with the payment screen shot, the other of your tx ID:

  • Take a screen shot of your payment and Transaction number once payment shows complete, then send us a email by clicking the link under this text make sure you include the transaction ID in typed format as the example above.

  • We will then provide you with a unique login name and password allowing you to access the members area.

  • Click Here to email us your bitcoin payment details.