Store Purchased Gift Card Submission Receipt – Front Only

Pre Paid Google Play Gift Cards  $50 USA  – CA$60 Canada – Australia – AU$60 – NOT UK


Pre Paid Amazon Gift Cards – UK £50 Only – USA $50

Instructions For Purchasing Google Play Gift Card or Amazon Gift Cards

1.) Go to your local store purchase a gift card for the amount required and pay with cash.

(if your buying more then one gift card,  make sure its only one gift card per receipt, if your buying 2 they must be purchased separately and you must have two receipts if your buying 2 cards or 3 receipts if buying 3 gift cards etc.)

2.) Make sure you pay cash and it says cash on the receipt we will need you to send us the receipt showing that you paid with cash and the part or full gift card number on the receipt.

3.) Send us in the card details.

Cards must be store purchased with cash only, you must send a copy of the cash receipt showing the card details you purchased, when you get home open the card take a picture of the front and back of the card, and the packet it came in including any instructions of how to register and use the card.

you will need to take 5 pictures and upload the 5 images  using the following form.

Images Required 1.) Cash Receipt 2.) Card Front 3.) Card Back 4.) (jpg,png,gif required)

Complete the submission form to submit your store purchased gift card to us

If the form fails to send and looks like it is not sending it means your attachments are too large so either resize them or upload 2 at a time just submitting the form a few times.